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Your Warehouse Floor Needs to Be Clean and Organized

Your warehouse or distribution center is a high-traffic area and without organization and orderliness, finding specific inventory would be a time-consuming hassle. Everything has its indicated spot and traffic lanes for forklifts and pallet trucks are clearly marked on the floor, so when it comes time to move something, employees know exactly where they’re going. If the floor was to become compromised or damaged, workflow could be seriously affected and in a high-pace warehouse, that cannot happen. At Extra Hands Services (EHS), we offer commercial floor cleaning in Kansas City that will keep your warehouse running smoothly.

Cleanliness is important in any large warehouse, especially if your company¬†stores and transports liquid materials. A spill could shut down the operation for hours, costing the business both time and money. EHS can provide regular floor cleaning and maintenance that help minimize the risk of spills and accidents, and when there is a spill, our services can help at a moment’s notice. On top of floor cleaning, we can also take care of the common areas, restrooms, and offices that are attached to your warehouse.

By setting up a long-term commercial floor cleaning contract with us, your Kansas City warehouse or distribution center can stay on schedule every day of the week. We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products, so there’s minimal risk to your employees, and we’ll design a cleaning plan specifically for your structure so that nothing gets overlooked or goes uncleaned. If you store sensitive materials, we’ll take that into account and never apply a chemical or solution that could compromise your products.

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