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Your Warehouse Cleaning Checklist and Its Benefits

Keeping warehouses clean and safe for access is essential for every company. It’s more than just about creating a cleaner workspace. Warehouse cleanliness includes looking into issues like safety, health, and inventory and asset checks. So here are some benefits of keeping your warehouse in good shape.

warehouse with open space

1. Increased Productivity

Your warehouse stores all supplies that employees need in their day-to-day tasks. Warehouse cleanliness and maintenance ensure your employees get what they need to find in time, ultimately enhancing their productivity.

2. Compliance With Safety Standards

All companies have specific standards to maintain if they are producing or manufacturing any goods. These apply to the warehouse inventory as well as the safety of their employees. A cleaner, organized warehouse has lesser chances of running into accidents and causing harm to its employees.

3. Better Employee Health

Employees benefit from working in a clean, uncluttered space. Maintaining your warehouse has positive impact on your employees’ mental and physical health.

Accurate Inventory Levels

Inventory checks and balances are essential as businesses spend a lot on purchasing goods. If a warehouse is organized and cleaned, keeping a tab on business assets becomes easier than it would be if there were a mess in the warehouse. Moreover, it also prevents chances of theft.

4. Warehouse Equipment Lasts Longer

If your warehouse is well cleaned and looked after, it helps your equipment last longer as it reduces the chances of accidents, and wear and tear.

Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of cleaning your warehouse, let’s look at the checklist of tasks you need to perform.

Immediate Tasks

  1. Pack up after job completion.
  2. Mop up any spills.
  3. Pick up and dispose of any strapping.
  4. Clean up and repair any wood or metal shaving after work is completed.
  5. Repair any illegible signboards around the site.

employee with a checklist

Daily Tasks

  1. Sweeping floors and tops of stacks to brush off any dirt and dust.
  2. Clear passageway between the mounting stacks of inventory.
  3. Recycle excess packaging.
  4. Remove any damaged goods.

Weekly Tasks

  1. Empty wastebaskets.
  2. Clear off and remove empty crates from sight.
  3. Sweep off any debris or trash.

Monthly Tasks

  1. Clear aisles of products, equipment, etc.
  2. Dust shelves and racks.

Clean vents and ducts

Bi-annual/ Quarterly Tasks

Biannual tasks involve cleaning and shelving away of any loose parts and sorting out any obsolete products. It also involves a thorough cleaning job.

Cleaning and maintaining your warehouse is a fulltime job that needs a professional touch. Extra Hands has got you covered! We are a commercial cleaning service in Kansas City. We offer warehouse cleaning, building cleaning and manufacturing facility cleaning services at the most affordable prices.



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