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Workplace Cleanliness – Validating the Cleaning Process with Quality Assurance (Part Three of Technology Series)

A clean and healthy facility is paramount to a productive and safe work environment. We manage our people and processes for consistent high-end cleaning results. How do we do this? Extra Hands Services utilizes a state-of-the-art system where our complete facility management cycle can be documented, evaluated and optimized starting with your budget, the going through processes & training, and then coming full circle with quality validation.


By validation, we’re referring to the quality assurance review procedures that are in place to “validate” that the processes were correctly designed and performed. If you don’t have a software system that can quantify it, you will have a hard time tracking your results and improvements. We budget time for supervisors to perform quality inspections and utilize the mobile tools necessary to perform consistent, efficient and evidence-based validation. It is also customized to your specific facilities processes. We create your inspection line items in our quality assurance software based on the items specified for cleaning at your facility. The integrated system allows us to set thresholds on line items, if these thresholds are not met, we have the insight to prompt retraining where needed. Further, if validation consistently shows subpar results on certain lines across all employees, the process or perhaps frequency likely needs improved.

Validation is also commonly referred to as “Quality Assurance”, the triple check that provides quantifiable evidence that the surfaces that were supposed to be cleaned were actually properly cleaned. Looking clean is a good first step, but when it comes down to it, the documented cleaning processes and aligned training programs are only as good as the evidence based validation proves out.

Tracking and reporting is a key part of the integrated technology as well. Our charts and graphs provide insights that help us keep facilities clean and healthy while proactively protecting our client’s image. If you’re interested in learning more about our systematic approach, give us a call!

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