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Workplace Cleanliness – Process Refinement and Training for Engagement (Part 2 of 3 of a Technology Series)

As we began in the last segment, Extra Hands Services utilizes processes, performance tracking and

quality assurance technology tools that enable real time insight to keep your buildings healthy and

your company’s image clean. We utilize a state-of- the-art CMMS and invest the time to analyze how

cleaning procedures can be fine-tuned to achieve maximum efficiency. This analysis takes someone

experienced in cleaning operations, equipment/supply options, and methodologies. Our goal is to

review and realign clients every few years to be sure you we are utilizing the most efficient methods to

meet your objectives.

Process optimization is the most intense and most (bottom line) rewarding aspect of the

implementation of a workloading program. Process management is much more than cleaning as it

considers the latest equipment advancements, the image desired, the budget and the team. We then

are sure to align all processes with updated training and certification for our team members that care

for your facility.

If your current contractor simply utilizes an off the shelf system as opposed to site specific training for

your facility, there are likely things that are missed in both the training and then of course the

implementation of the procedures. An aligned training system not only improves the cleanliness results

of the cleaning, but it also affects absenteeism, presenteeism, customer service and turnover of both

your employees and ours.

We are also sure to involve our front line employees in process analysis, as they are key sources for

efficiency improvement ideas. Further, this is an important part of the engagement program.

Employees need to weigh in on the process they are expected to perform, it reinforces that we value

their opinions.

Training is improves Engagement because our people understand that we invest this time to give them

the proper training so that they feel empowered do their job well. Also, as employees learn and earn

certifications, formal recognition programs will further reinforce their value.

From budget to processes, training and engagement, our integrated systems technology can provide

insights that will help facilities keep clean and healthy while proactively protecting your image. In the

next segment, we’ll review how we validate the budget, processes and training are paying off! If you

have not looked at your options lately, please do give us a call to review.

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