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Workplace Cleanliness – Planning to Your Budget (Part 1 of 3 in a Technology Series)

Your facilities perceived cleanliness image has a major impact on image… and with today’s consumers enamored with social

media, any shortcomings are tweeted, posted, liked and virtually published sometimes before the facility manager is even

aware of an issue. To increase compliments and minimize complaints, Extra Hands Services utilizes processes, performance

tracking and quality assurance technology tools that enable real time insight.

Our state-of- the-art system enables the complete facility management cycle to be documented, evaluated and optimized.

We start with your budget, work through processes and training, and then come full circle with quality validation.

Typically, all cycles begin… and begin again… with budget. Budget planning is a perfect time to consider how this drives the

results of your cleaning program and therefore both your company image and team productivity. Budgets must be aligned

to the documented cleaning processes that you desire to be completed to achieve the level of clean necessary.

EHS can help you analyze your current situation and what procedures/frequencies can be fine-tuned to achieve maximum

cleanliness within your given budget. Your facilities budget should be analyzed and realigned every few years to be sure

you are utilizing the most efficient methods, if your current level of clean is not acceptable, we can offer suggestions that

will result in a clean, healthy workplace.

Utilizing software to manage is nearly mainstream in our industry now. Our integrated systems technology can provide

insights that will help facilities keep clean and healthy while proactively protecting your image. If you have not looked at

your options lately, please do give us a call to review.

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