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Winter Is Coming: Preparing Commercial Carpets for the Cold

With winters just around the corner, are you doing enough to keep your commercial carpets clean? Unlike spring and other seasons, winters often invite more foot traffic due to the end of the year. Since the end of the year is usually the time to discuss the plans and proposal for the next year it isn’t uncommon that many clients come visiting the premises. Thus, increased foot traffic!

So, how can businesses keep up with the cleaning and prepare themselves for the cold? Here are some handy tips to ensure commercial carpets remain dirt, moisture and debris-free.

1.     Increase cleaning regularities

The first step to prepare your carpets for winters is by increasing the cleaning frequencies. Usually, commercial carpets should be vacuumed weekly. However, during winters, they should be vacuumed more often so that the amount of soil residue and moisture can be limited. Cleanings must be done every 24 to 48 hours, depending on the amount of foot traffic the carpets stand.

2.     Place entry mats at entryways

Entry mats and rugs are an ideal way to avoid getting dirt and debris inside the building. During winters, they should be every office’s first line of defense. Placing them at all entryways will limit the amount of dirt, debris and moisture that employees bring inside the premises with them. It will also prevent slips and trips inside the facility, ensuring the safety of everyone. They can also serve as a drying station for boots and shoes that are wet from the snow. When choosing rugs and mats, be sure to invest in longer and wider rugs, as they can absorb more due to a wider surface area.

3.     Vacuum frequently

Before you go for deep cleaning the carpet, it is best to perform a quick vacuuming session. Frequent vacuuming during the winter season prevents the settling in of dirt and debris inside the carpet. It also prevents bacteria and mould formation which leaves the carpets looking dull and patchy. Repeated vacuuming also extends the life of the carpets, which will surely lessen your expenses in the longer run.

4.     Keep entryways clean

Since the winter season falls right after autumn, there is a possibility that some leaves or fallen twigs and branches may have been buried under the snow near the entryway. The increased foot traffic glues them to the shoe and makes way for them to enter the premises of the building. Imagine getting that onto your carpets!

The greenish and orange stains will leave your commercial carpets with a taint that doesn’t please the eyes. Therefore, to avoid that from happening, ensure that the entryways are clear of any such debris that may stain the carpets inside the office. Regular cleaning will surely prevent commercial carpets from getting soiled and look new for a longer time.

5.     Use spot cleaners

Having a spot cleaner on board can also serve as a quick remedy to prevent stains from getting harder. Instant cleaning can remove them instantly before they even get a chance to dig into the fibres of the carpet.

However, since it isn’t always possible to react that quickly, another smart way to ensure they look as good as new is having them cleaned professionally. Since commercial carpets take in more foot traffic than residential ones, it is ideal to have them cleaned at least twice every year.

Despite the common misconception, winters are an ideal time to have them cleaned professionally for a number of different reasons. Not many businesses have carpets cleaned in the winters, which means that rates will be much cheaper. Moreover, you will also get an appointment with ease, again because of fewer customers.





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