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Why You Need Post-Construction & Renovation Cleaning

 Post-construction cleaning in progress

After construction work, the mess is inevitable. But cleanouts are a painstaking task—from cleaning the dusty staircases to removing bulky wooden pallets and junk piles, inhaling dust and getting rid of cement residue, it isn’t as easy as it might seem.

Post-construction cleanup is necessary to prevent potential health hazards to your employees and damaged buildings in the vicinity. Moreover, it also ensures that your investment pays a high return with a highly functional and fully-efficient property. All-in-all, post-renovation cleanup brings out the best of your property and offers a safe, enjoyable environment.

Here’s why a comprehensive post-construction cleaning is necessary to prep your newly constructed building for usage.

Getting Back to Usual

 Post-renovation cleaning in progress

Post-construction cleanup is essential to breathe life into your newly-renovated property. It’s vital to bring the business back to usual and help workers settle in. Unsettling mess and debris not only harm the structural integrity of your property, it also increases the risk of upsetting employees and customers.

At Extra Hands Services Inc., we offer post-construction cleaning services to help you prepare your remodeled building put its best foot forward. Our well-equipped workers leave no dirt or debris behind.

Ensuring Safety and Promoting Well-Being

Working at construction sites is a dangerous business. It can also backfire if you’re not equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to perform the task. Similarly, the mess created during remodeling or a renovation project consists of open-ended nails, glass, wire, and other harmful debris. Therefore, prompt and quick cleaning is essential to ensure the safety of your property and its occupants.

A professional commercial cleaning company also removes toxic materials and ensures that the building’s occupants aren’t exposed to a continued health risk.

Extra Hands Services Inc.: Your Number One Choice for Post-Construction and Renovation Cleaning

Make your office, commercial or industrial space sparkle after a new renovation with post-construction cleaning in Kansas City. We’re a full-service, responsive, and highly efficient cleaning company offering commercial cleaning services at affordable rates.

Our cleaning experts provide the residents and businesses of Kansas City with several professional cleaning services. Our portfolio also includes carpet and upholstery cleaning, industrial cleaning, and warehouse cleaning services—and you can reach out to us online for more details.

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