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Why Simple Vacuuming Is Never Going to Be Enough for Carpet Cleaning

Many people and business owners like to think that they can successfully carry out carpet cleaning all on their own. They believe that they would never need commercial carpet cleaning services when they can vacuum and clean all the stains themselves, which they do by locally available cleaning products.

This is a terrible decision. Here is a simple explanation which is going to change your view on regular vs. commercial carpet cleaning forever.

The need for commercial carpet cleaning

Almost all companies require the need of professional or commercial carpet cleaning every 12 to 24 months. Do you know why? It’s because vacuuming carpets is never enough, and neither is giving your carpets a steam yourself. There is a reason why professional, commercial cleaning companies are thriving. They are the only services that supply you with the best means with which you can legally protect your carpets—AND your health. Here’s how:

Steaming carpets for indoor health quality

Indoor air quality is more than ten times worse than outdoor air quality. If you are in charge of any business or organization and don’t hire commercial services for protecting, steaming and cleaning your carpets, you are inviting bad health to knock on your door.

Moreover, steaming carpets yourself can be a major hazard. Millions of Americans suffer from various indoor allergies. At the same time, steaming is the only way with which you will be able to completely lift the dirt and debris from your carpet’s fabric. Hence, you should be calling the best commercial carpet cleaning company available for providing you with a nice professional steaming.

Carpet Warranty Validation

Here is another drawback for self cleaning of carpets. Do you know, many carpet companies will not attend to their carpet warranties if you don’t hire a commercial carpet cleaner in every 12 or 18 months? In some other relaxed cases, this time can exceed up to 24 months, but never more than that. So, if you want your carpets to own a warranty which is valid, it’s highly recommended that you reconsider a commercial carpet cleaning service provider.

When should you vacuum?

Yes, vacuuming is also one way to clean carpets, but there is always a time to do it. For a productive and clean environment, it’s most advisable to vacuum your carpets in between professional steams. Carpet experts recommend people to have their carpets vacuumed once per week.

The spots which are proving to be tricky to clean, or those that contain major stains must be avoided if you don’t know how to take care of them professionally.

If you still insist on cleaning your carpets with the help of local chemicals, chances are that you are going to have an even more soiled carpet as compared to what you had before. You can literally own a good carpet for a lifetime, only if you are wise enough to keep it cleaned with the help of commercial carpet cleaning. For commercial carpet cleaning and upholstery services, don’t hesitate to give Extra Hands call at 816-994-8825.




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