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Why It’s Important to Hire a Commercial Janitorial Service During the Pandemic

Sanitization supplies used by janitorial staff.

The pandemic has changed how we carry out or sanitization processes. Businesses are reevaluating their practices to keep their workplaces germ-free, clean, and healthy. This is why now is the right time to hire a janitorial service for your commercial facility.

Here’s why we think so:

Use of industry-grade cleaning solutions

Over the past year, sanitization needs have changed. As a business, you shouldn’t be focused on only getting rid of the dust, grime, and dirt. You need to make sure every nook and corner in your business facility is well-sanitized and disinfected.

A good janitorial service will use industry-grade and EPA-approved disinfectants and cleaning solutions to ensure maximum removal of harmful microorganisms. They have the proper knowledge regarding different types of cleaning solutions that work for various industries. For instance, medical facilities need specialized green-seal certified products for the complete elimination of bacteria.

Employee safety is important

This is a highly unsafe and risky time for your staff to come to work. Now is the time when employers need to make their staff feels like the company values their health. It’s your job to make it comfortable and safe for them to come to work. This also includes putting up free hand sanitization stations, allowing them to work from home wherever possible, facilitating sick days, and ensuring physical distancing at work. Besides, your employees will really feel like you take care of their health if they know that you’ve invested in a credible sanitization and janitorial service.

Sanitization supplies used by janitorial staff.

Frequent need for sanitization

The COVID-19 threat calls for much more frequent cleanliness schedules within a workplace. Your in-house janitorial staff might not be able to cope with the increase in cleanliness demand—especially if they have other tasks within the workplace. When you outsource the task to a professional service, they will be fully dedicated to the job. They’ll formulate a schedule that ensures little or no downtime and keeps your office running while handling cleaning tasks.

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