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Why is Cleaning Important?

You know that your office needs to look professional. After all, you want your clients to be focused on your business, not on the spider webs gathering by the ceiling or the dust bunnies breeding beneath your desk. However, you may find yourself wondering just how important cleaning really is. You (or your secretary) can give it a lick and a promise when you get a chance and that will be close enough, right? Surely you don’t really have to hire a cleaning service to take care cleaning your office on a regular basis, right?

Why is cleaning important? There are a number of reasons why it’s well worth it to clean regularly, many of which have nothing to do with chasing out the dust bunnies and making sure the spiders don’t take over. For example:

Regular cleaning helps maintain your carpeting, furniture, and drapes or blinds. Not only does it prevent stains from becoming set in and get up dry dirt while it’s still dirt and not truly a stain, regular cleaning actually improves the life expectancy of your carpeting, furniture, and drapes.

Regular cleaning decreases allergen buildup within your building. Whether you’re attempting to keep your place of business clean for your employees or your clients, you want to be sure that you’re regularly removing pollen, dust, and other allergy triggers. Not only do itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, or coughing make it difficult to focus, increased allergen exposure can lead to more sick days for employees. Cleaning out the allergen triggers regularly keeps everyone on task and healthier.

Employees can concentrate better in a clean environment. It’s easier to focus when surrounded by thing that are clean and tidy. Having to work around a mess, on the other hand, can be very frustrating for some individuals, who find themselves having trouble staying on task while distracted by the stain on the side of the desk that was never cleaned or the footprints in the carpet that might be there until next week.

You’re less likely to let things get out of control if your cleaning service comes in every couple of weeks. No, you wouldn’t actually let the dust bunnies revolt and take over the office, no matter how busy you’d been. However, you will tend to let the small things go until they become big ones. That coffee ring on your desk that you didn’t get to when you first spilled might be joined by two or three more. The bathroom might not get scrubbed for longer than you want to admit. The trash cans might not be emptied in a timely manner. By hiring a professional cleaning service, you know all of these things will be taken care of before get out of control.

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