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What to Expect from Commercial Janitorial Services

You may think that a janitorial service should be there to clean, but there is so much more to establishing a successful relationship with each business than that. When it comes to commercial janitorial services, Kansas City should rely on a company that can guarantee the following qualities:

  • Professionalism. Perhaps one of the most obvious yet often forgotten, you want a commercial janitor to act in a manner that reflects your company. Uniformed, respectful and proud of the work they do, hiring a service without this attitude can lead to problems down the road with your working relationship.
  • Reliability. Your business doesn’t slow down for anyone and you have enough to worry about. Having a cleaning service that is there on time, consistent and reliable will save you the stress of a mess. Especially in the medical and manufacturing industries, a service that is not reliable can mean liabilities and dangerous situations.
  • Trustworthy. You allow them to go unnoticed, usually at hours when few or no people are around. Allowing anyone into your business should come with a high degree of trust, one which your commercial janitorial service should prove to you with every job.
  • Hygienic. Janitors that are sloppy, messy or otherwise not representing a professional attitude are not the kind of workers you want in your business.
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction. Everything else is important, but an emphasis on customer satisfaction should always be the first priority of any company. If you are not satisfied, your commercial janitorial service isn’t doing its job.

Extra Hands Services does its best to ensure that each one of our employees is dedicated to these qualities while giving you a clean that is incomparable to other commercial janitorial services in Kansas City. See what we mean today!

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