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Well Cleaned Lines: The Value of Grout Cleaning

Grout sealing isn’t at the top of any hobby list, but don’t underestimate the value it offers in the long run. Porous grout, the stuff that makes the neat lines between bathroom or kitchen tiles, needs to be sealed because if it isn’t, it will hold moisture. Warm, moist places are breeding grounds for a whole host of unsightly and odorous things like unfriendly bacteria, mold and mildew.

Dean Simms, the founder of Compton Ridge Campground in Branson, MO used to say he wanted his restrooms so clean the customers would feel comfortable eating their dinner in there. He knew that clean restrooms gave him an edge on his competition. He grew a successful customer-base by valuing sanitation where it counts most. Simms would not refrain from more advanced cleaning supplies, personnel, or restroom upgrades (such as a switch to ceramic tiles).

Ceramic tile goes a long way in providing a clean-looking atmosphere and it’s easy to take care of. But what about those fine white lines between all the tiles, the grout?

Cleaning grout is tedious and time-consuming. It involves scrubbing all those lines with a brush. And even after you scrub, you wonder if you could have possibly cleaned out the entire microscopic germ farm. And you get to “look forward” to doing it again sometime, right?

Although there is an easier way, grout sealant is applied over grout, either when it’s new or after you’ve thoroughly cleaned it. It seals the moisture out, preventing the microbial colonization that looks and smells unclean. Once the sealing is complete and dried, the surface is much easier to keep clean and maintain.

Clean restrooms are an investment for any business. It’s an opportunity to demonstrate to your customer’s that you value them as individual people.

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