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We Offer Medical Cleaning and Janitorial Services in Kansas City

When it comes to cleanliness, medical clinics and hospitals have very strict guidelines. These guidelines are in place to prevent the spread of bacteria and other harmful substances within the walls of a medical care facility and at Extra Hands Services, we understand how serious proper cleaning procedures are for the medical field. We offer commercial janitorial services in Kansas City that can be specifically geared towards medical facilities, and we always employ a consistent approach to meet regulations.

Our personnel are intricately trained to handle the methods necessary for medical cleaning. We can ensure complete removal of dangerous substances and materials that need to be properly disposed of, and we pay extra attention to high touch areas such as door handles and hallway rails. Our staff is also available on an emergency basis, since there’s no time to waste when a health emergency or breach arises. We’ll develop a specific cleaning strategy for your facility, ensuring that any inspection will be passed with flying colors. Our goal is to not only meet industry regulations, but to exceed them.

With the use of high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) equipment and green cleaning products, we will leave your patient rooms and operating theaters in pristine condition. We want your facility to be safe for both patients and staff, so that the focus can remain on treating individuals that need medical care, not worrying about the spread of bacteria or disease. Call us today for more information on our commercial and medical janitorial services in Kansas City.

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