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Upholstered Furniture Maintenance: A Guide for Your Office

carpeted office room with upholstered sofas and seating options

Soft, velvety couches and cozy armrests certainly make work environments more comfortable. Instead of spending several hours sitting on stiff and rigid chairs, your employees can relax and work more comfortably using upholstered seating.

However, upholstered furniture also requires more care and maintenance. Here’s what you should do to maintain your office upholstery.

Vacuum the Fabric Regularly

Dust can ruin upholstered furniture. It sneaks through the tiny folds and crevices within the furniture, leading to mold formation. It can also cause your furniture to smell musky, while wearing down the fabric fibers.

The solution? Vacuuming it regularly and beating it by hand for dusk. You can do this once a week to prevent dirt from accumulating. It also prevents crumbs and other unwanted bits from getting stuck in your sofas. For more thorough cleaning, sign up for professional deep cleaning services to keep your upholstered furniture looking as good as new.

Take Care of Stains Immediately

The worst possible thing you can do when you spill coffee or food on your upholstered furniture is letting the stains sit. The longer you wait to remove the stains and spill marks from your furniture, the more difficult it’ll become. This is because the stain will seep deep into the fabric, absorbing through the layers.

Never attempt to rub the stain. This will make it messier and harder to clean. While soap-based detergents are suitable for cleaning upholstered surfaces, different fabrics require different cleaning chemicals. Thus, if you’re unsure about the nature of your upholstered fabric, don’t use the first chemical cleaner you find. Instead, use a damp cloth or paper towel to gently dab the stain and prevent it from getting absorbed, and schedule an appointment with a professional upholstery cleaning service.

employee working while seated on an upholstered couch in his office

Replace Damaged Upholstered Fabric

Even the best of upholstery fabric can fade or wear out over time. An upholstered arm chair or sofa can last between seven to fifteen years on average. After this time, the fabric is no longer salvageable, whether it’s in terms of fabric repair or cleaning.

This means only thing: it’s time to say goodbye to your upholstery. There’s no point in keeping an upholstered sofa in your office if the fabric fibers continue to break down to the point that even cleaning the sofa has become challenging. It’s time to replace the fabric for good.  In case your piece of furniture doesn’t allow for fabric replacement, it’s best to replace the item altogether after its many years of service.

Our team at Extra Hands Services, Inc provides upholstery cleaning services in Kansas City. Hire our commercial cleaning service today for well-kept office furniture! We can also provide janitorial services and floor cleaning services for your office.


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