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Top ‘4’ Speed-Cleaning Tips from the Pros

 A clean, attractive workspace

Although professional cleaning services save time spent on regular cleaning activities, you might sometimes want to take charge yourself.

But what if your work schedule doesn’t allow it? Or you’re so busy that cleaning is no longer a priority in your to-do list. Don’t fret because we’ve got you covered.

Here are some speed-cleaning tips from our experts that’ll help you get the job done!

1. Schedule your Cleaning Time

The best way to clean fast is to clean regularly. Take it from the pros and follow a cleaning routine in your home or office.  Regular cleaning eliminates cleaning emergencies and ensures that your property is presentable and dirt-free at all times.

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2. Start with the Clutter

Tidy up before the cleanup. Start by picking up trash and clutter from desks, furniture, appliances, and floors. Cleaning and wiping can be challenging if your space is full of trash and unwanted junk. Give your property a quick sweep, get papers, dirty coffee cups, and random items out of sight and then get down to the cleaning part.

3. Stay Well-Stocked

A man cleaning a doorknob with a cloth

Cleaning can become a frustrating task if you’re out of supplies. Perform a regular stock-take on your cleaning supplies and keep topping them up as soon as you run out.

Moreover, keep your cleaning supplies cupboard or storeroom well-organized for quick accessibility. A well-maintained stock room helps you locate supplies and speed up cleaning tasks without wasting time searching.

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4. Focus on High Traffic Areas

Another effective way to shorten your cleaning task is to focus on high traffic areas. Before starting, take a good look at your space and identify the spots that are used most frequently. They usually include your hallway, bathroom, staircase, entryway, and sitting area. Moreover, allocate some time to clean doors and windows as they play a vital role in enhancing your property’s overall aesthetic and curb appeal.

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