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Top 3 Carpet Cleaning Techniques You Should Know About

A hall carpet

Carpets require regular cleaning, as they are prone to germ and bacteria build-up in the long-term. Most people limit carpet cleaning to vacuuming, but there is so much more that goes into effectively cleaning a carpet.

Just imagine all that dirt beneath a shoe that comes in contact with the carpet. Simply vacuuming the carpet won’t help get rid of the germs, fungal spores, and mildew. All of this is magnified when we talk about the carpets in our workplaces.

According to studies, carpets account for 51% of the total flooring market. Thus, it becomes quite important to deep clean carpets on a regular basis to prevent bacteria accumulation on them. It’s advised to seek professional help for large size carpet cleaning. Hopefully, these tips will help:

1) Hot Water or Steam Cleaning

One common method used by commercial carpet cleaning services is steam cleaning or hot water cleaning. This method utilizes pressurized hot water to get rid of dirt and debris. It cleans about 90% of the germs and bacteria from the carpet. The steaming action is followed by the application of a cleaning agent.

This cleaning agent helps break down dirt. This is a simple and effective commercial carpet cleaning method that takes around 2-3 hours on average, depending on the carpet area that is to be covered.

2. Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning deals with cleaning the carpet surface with the help of a spinning pad. This spinning pad is soaked in a cleaning agent, allowing it to get rid of dirt and debris when used in a rotating motion.

This method is used mainly in large commercial sites such as hotels, resorts, or offices. It’s quite commonly employed by commercial carpet cleaning services such as ours.

3. Encapsulation Method

This is the most modern carpet cleaning method. It doesn’t require the use of water, which is great for water consumption. First, the carpet gets drenched in chemical agents that spring all the dirt and debris to the surface. Then, a vacuum is used to suck all the dirt out of the carpet. It’s probably one of the best cleaning methods for large carpets, such as the ones found in hotels and workplaces.

Carpet cleaning should be done on a regular basis to maintain their lifespan. It doesn’t matter whether the carpet is at your home, hotel, or office, you need carpet cleaning services. Extra Hands offers a broad array of expertise, keeping carpets and upholstery looking their best. Opt for our services if you are based in Kansas, City. Visit our website or contact us to find out more.

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