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Tips To Keep Your Shared Workplace Tidy

Shared Conference Room

Is there a desk at your workplace that is always cluttered? A tidy office can increase productivity and employee efficiency. The best way to keep the workspace neat and clean is through decluttering spaces and desk stations and wiping all surfaces with an anti-bacterial wipe. This will ensure there is sufficient space to sit and work and will also stop the spread of germs.

We spend the majority of our time at our workstations. Whether you are working from home or the office, make sure to wipe your desk and clean your equipment regularly. This will protect you from bacteria and viruses and will keep your space hygienic and clutter-free. Here is how you can keep your workspace decluttered and tidy:

Shared Cubicles

Declutter Your Workstation

Well, with this mindset you can motivate yourself to declutter and remove any unnecessary items off your desk. This will help clear your mind and help you think better and perform better at your tasks. You will be able to organize your workload very easily as well

Clean Your Equipment

Your equipment will normally include a computer, keyboard, mouse, desk pad, calendar, and wires. Clean your desk and IT equipment because they get a lot of traffic from you and your colleagues. And due to frequent usage, they harbor germs and bacteria. So, use disinfectant wipes for a thorough clean. However, we also recommend hiring a professional cleaning service to deep clean the office space to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Clean The Floors

Cleaning the floors is important especially in high traffic areas. Where are the high traffic areas in your office? Identify those and have them cleaned on a regular by a professional cleaning service. Because the floor is constantly susceptible to spillage from food and drink, dust and mud from shoes, and of course bacteria. So bleach should be used on the floor, while carpets should be vacuumed and steamed till spotless.

Eat In The Breakroom

Do not eat at your desk. We know it is convenient. But do you know that there 10,000 bacteria on an average desk? That is twice more than on an average toilet seat. It will also interfere with your work organization. So eating in a designated area will help solve your problem and keep you safe from illnesses.

Tidy Shared Areas

If you and your co-workers share open desk space, breakroom, kitchen, etc. It is important to clean up after yourself and keep the space decluttered as possible. Because in this case, bacteria can transfer very quickly as you and your colleagues share the same equipment. Remember to wash your hands and sanitize them often and wipe your shared workspaces with anti-bacterial wipes.

Keeping your workspace tidy will free up space for you to do more. Check out Extra Hands Services, INC, providing quality commercial cleaning services and janitorial services in Kansan City. Call them now to schedule a cleaning or visit their website for more information on their cleaning services.

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