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Tips to Help You Take Care of Your Commercial Carpets

A clean commercial carpet

Your quest for a spotlessly clean office always starts with rigorous carpet cleaning. Clean carpets help you put up a great impression, ensure fresh indoor air quality, and keep your office smelling fresh!

In this post, we will help you take care of your commercial carpets well. Here are a few tips:

Walk-off mats

It doesn’t hurt to place a small mat at the building entrance so that your visitors can wipe the dirt off their shoes. The type of walk-off rug depends on the amount of dirt that makes it to your commercial facility every day. This doesn’t only keep the carpets clean but also reduces the amount of wear and tear. However, you’d need to vacuum the walk-off mat just as regularly as you vacuum the rest of the carpet. It also helps to deep clean the walk-off rug every now and then.

Regular spot cleaning

The sooner you tackle a carpet stain, the better it is. It always helps to train your in-house cleaning staff to take care of these stains as and when they occur. This prevents them from settling in and becoming embedded within the carpet fibers. This also prevents long-term damage to the carpet. The blotting method works well for everyday stains like those left by soda and coffee spills.

After you’ve lightened the stain, you can use a regular cleaning solution to remove the stain altogether. We recommend reaching out to a professional cleaning service since they’ll use a cleaning solution specific to the carpet type.

A clean commercial carpet

Use chair mats

Prevention is always better than paying for damages. To keep your carpet stain-free, we recommend placing plastic mats underneath the chairs and desks. This will prevent any heavy furniture from marring the threads in the carpet. The mats will serve as a barrier and protect the carpet.

Arrange for regular deep cleaning

There is little your in-house janitorial team can do to keep the carpets spot-free and clean. It’s a better idea to invest in a service that uses specialized cleaning solutions, tools, and methods. Deep cleaning also reaches the most deeply embedded stains and debris.

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