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Tips From a Professional Janitorial Service To Keep Your Workplace Safe From Health Hazards

An employee wiping their workspace in a commercial building in Kansas City

Employee safety is the first priority of property owners and facility managers.  The presence of any hazard or risk can lead to workplace accidents and injuries, which can lead to lawsuits against the property owner.

Hiring a commercial or janitorial cleaning service is the best way to eliminate hazards from the workplace and keep it clean and proper for employees.  Here are a few tips we offer you to follow to keep your workplace safe from health and safety hazards.

1. Create a Cleaning Schedule For Employees

The best way to ensure cleanliness in a workplace is when everyone is involved. Even though you can leave everything in the hands of janitorial cleaning services, individual duties give a sense of responsibility to the employees.

Start by developing a cleaning schedule identifying everyone’s duties. The duties assigned should be simple, like surface cleaning your workplace on a scheduled date. This will prevent germ spread.

2. List High Traffic Areas and Frequently Touched Spots

Germs are everywhere in the office, but in some places, they are abundant. It’s crucial to know these areas and ensure consistent cleaning to control the spread of germs. Categorize workplace areas into high traffic and low traffic areas. High traffic areas contain places where people are consistently present. These include restrooms, office kitchens, and cafeteria etc.

You can do the same with office equipment: frequently touched and rarely touched. Frequently touched spots include those items that people touch all the time. These include areas like elevator buttons, door handles, and light switches. Contact a janitorial cleaning service to get these spots and areas regularly cleaned.

 A hand pressing an elevator button in a commercial building in Kansas City.

3. Prohibit Eating and Drinking in Certain Areas

Vermin and pests are health risks for commercial buildings and workplaces, not to mention that if they’re visible they may ruin your company’s reputation. The availability of food is the main reason these animals make their homes inside these buildings.

Prohibit eating and drinking food in some areas to reduce the risk of pests. Inform employees about where they are allowed to eat, such as break rooms, cafeterias, and their own individual cubicles. Prohibiting food in certain spots limits the areas which require consistent cleaning.

Hire a Commercial And Janitorial Cleaning Service in Kansas City

Hiring a commercial or janitorial cleaning service is the best way to deal with the cleaning needs in a workplace environment. If you want to keep your workplace safe from risks and hazards, invest in cleaning services offered by Extra Hands Services.

We are a reliable cleaning company that offers a range of services, including carpet and floor cleaning services for your commercial building. Our trained professionals can deal with manufacturing, medical facility, and warehouse cleaning services. Contact us to schedule an appointment with us.




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