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Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Desk Clean And Organized


person cleaning a desk

Do you know having a clean workspace can help you function more efficiently? If you have been having difficulty getting things done, just look around you. Is your desk space tidy? A clean desk can be visually pleasing to the eye and help you focus on important information, and increase productivity.

It can be difficult to concentrate if you constantly divide your attention between the clutter and the actual work. But once you take down the mess, things can become easier to navigate. Keeping your desk clear can seem like an impossible task, but keeping a desk organized is pretty straightforward once you devise a system. Start with these easy tips to keep your desk clean and organized:

Clean and tidy desk

Remove Everything For Thorough Cleaning

If you have a mountain of sticky notes, to-do lists, dried and forgotten pens with missing caps, overfilled drawers, then it’s time to purge! Disconnect your computer, laptop, mouse and keyboard, and any wires around your desk. Also, clean out your desk drawers. Thoroughly wipe all the surfaces on your desk and inside drawers with a cleaner and disinfectant. Use wire clips to organize wires and start organizing where you want to put your devices. And remember to throw out the notes you don’t need anymore.

Clip Your Cable Clutter

Aren’t you tired of looking at the tangled mess of the wires attached to your devices? You can begin by sorting your cables. Unplug them and examine your current setup. If you have been at this desk for a very long time, you might see wires that you do not use anymore. So remove those and label your current wires with painter’s tape and marker.

This will help you identify wires and troubleshoot any problems in the future. This will also help the janitorial cleaning services clean better once the clutter is organized.

Go Green!

Tired of seeing piles of files and documents? Start scanning and go green! Minimize your paper usage as much as you can. Anything you don’t need a physical copy of should be kept as a digital file or PDF. That way, you will have an organized directory that you can navigate easily.

It is way more convenient than rummaging through a cabinet to find a specific file. You can also scan paper you need physical copies of, but find a proper storage space for them. Stuffing them in your drawers or leaving them on your desk will create more clutter.

Once a week, give your desk a look over to see if it needs reorganizing. For more thorough cleaning, you can always reach out to your local commercial cleaning service. At Extra Hands Services, INC, we provide quality commercial cleaning services and janitorial services in Kansas City. Call us now to schedule a cleaning. Find out more information on our cleaning services.


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