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The Value of Clean = Productivity

Every year businesses succumb to employee illnesses. This is also the cold and flu season which means germs are spreading faster. The Centers for Disease Control reports approximately 200,000 people have serious seasonal flu-related complications each year.  There are also millions of colds reported each year as well.  This can have serious consequences for a business impacted by the decreased productivity due to employees taking sick days.

But what if you knew there was a simple solution that would deter the spread of germs and thus the loss of productivity. Consider the following equation when looking to improve the workplace environment: The Value of Clean = Productivity.

Less Germs = Higher Profits

Let’s look at some facts:

Now let’s look at some statistics for a facility that utilizes deep cleaning and sanitization methods provided by a cleaning company:

  • In a facility that is clean and germ free, workers’ chances of catching the flu or cold were reduced by up to 80%(ISSA)
  • Workers were 2-8% more productive when the work space was clean(ISSA)
  • Employers saw an increase in savings up to $125,000 per year with a clean work environment(ISSA)

It’s obvious by the numbers that keeping employees germ-free definitely adds a tangible value to the company. But the value of clean doesn’t stop with the employees. Studies reveal that customers consistently rate cleanliness at the top of the list for places they want to patronize.

There’s just no underestimating or “undervaluing” a clean work environment, especially if it’s saving your business thousands. If you would like to discuss this topic further, please contact us today!

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