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The Top 4 Most Common Cleaning Concerns

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Client satisfaction is every business’s top priority— that’s why having concerns when hiring commercial cleaning services for your facility is valid, especially when you’re part of a specialized industry that requires a more thorough cleaning than average commercial environments.

Worry not; we have compiled a roundup of some of the most widely conversed cleaning concerns of all times, along with simple solutions to make all your cleaning woes vanish instantly!

#1 How To Optimize A Facility’s Cleanliness To Enhance Safety?

A significant number of business owners express their frustration with the habits of the janitorial cleaning staff or the hazardous products they use. More and more businesses are trying to act responsibly by reducing their carbon footprint and using only EPA-approved eco-friendly disinfectants or cleaners.

Apart from adhering to environmental and social responsibility, business owners also want to ensure the workplace atmosphere is non-toxic, healthy, and safe for the employees.

Another major concern of business owners is that unprofessional janitorial services often hire unskilled and irresponsible staff that repeatedly fail to set the alarm or lock the gates before leaving the premises, which significantly compromises the safety and security of the business.

#2 What Steps Should Be Taken To Ensure Restrooms Look Spotless At All Times?

Naturally, restrooms are utilitarian spaces that are perceived as unsanitary for all the right reasons. This is even more true for commercial bathrooms as they are used by numerous customers and staff regularly.

Choosing responsible commercial cleaning services can help keep your entire facility’s appearance crisp and clean while making it smell fresh at all times. Presentable restrooms are crucial as they are a significant factor that can alter a customer’s impression and experience completely.

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#3 Day Cleaning Or Night Cleaning: Which Is Best?

Although this greatly depends and varies according to the sector the business operates in, managers should ensure that cleaning is conducted at a time that doesn’t impact the staff’s productivity or disrupt business transactions.

Day cleaning usually allows prompt response to messes or spillages, but it might be challenging to get detailed cleaning when people are constantly moving out in or out. Medical facilities or pharmacies might have areas that need cleaning under special supervision, whereas other businesses might prefer calling janitorial staff a couple of hours before closing or after-service hours so that deep cleaning can be performed without any distraction.

#4 How Often Should A Facility Avail Specialty Services?

While most business owners might be aware of general janitorial services, professional commercial cleaning services include floor cleaning and care, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, window, and building cleaning, and more.

Whether you’re part of the foodservice sector, medical, manufacturing, distribution, or pharmaceutical industry, if you need experienced, talented, and committed commercial cleaning services, get n touch with experts at Extra Hands Services.

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