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The Importance of Professional Cleaning Service in Hospitals

Respiratory tract infections, surgical site infections, sepsis, urinary tract infections, and clostridium difficile infections tend to be some of the most commonly known hospital-acquired infections. But science has also proven that patients bring the most dangerous germs and infections to the hospital from their homes!

Here are reasons why governing parties need to utilize professional janitorial cleaning services in hospitals:

To Meet Environmental Cleaning Standards

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has mandated all healthcare settings in the United States of America follow healthcare cleaning standards. Noncompliance is subject to hefty fines or permanent closure of the facility. Moreover, any healthcare facility that fails to work according to CDC, APIC, CMS, JCAHO, HIPPA, and AORN may be liable legally if a health concern emerges due to unhygienic settings.

To Maintain a Professional Setting

In the healthcare industry, an unsanitary business is seldom a profitable one. Patents refrain from entering facilities that aren’t maintained as they risk infection. Besides, who would want to wait on dirty seat cushions, near-filled waste cans, or walk into a hospital with visible dirt on floors and furnishings? Routine cleanliness is important for professional healthcare settings to ensure they meet the expectations.

To Keep the Physicians, Nurses, and Other Staff Members Safe

Not only is cleanliness integral for patients, but it’s also essential for doctors and nurses who spend a major chunk of their days at the hospital. The costs of malpractice claims often scare away healthcare workers that fail to comply with environmental cleaning standards and regulations. Keeping the environment clean guarantees employee satisfaction, increases productivity, and minimizes the chances of healthcare workers coming in contact with lethal infections.

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