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The Importance of Carpet Maintenance

Carpeted floorings are one of the best and most common types of floorings. Not only do they give a place that perfect touch of elegance, they also lift the ambience up when done correctly. However, many people seem to forget that carpet floorings require a great amount of maintenance too. Or else, the life of the carpet tends to reduce.

How Long Do Carpets Last?

Most carpet floorings have a lifespan of at least 20-30 years, granted that you take the necessary steps to maintain the carpet as well. If you don’t get your carpet cleaned regularly, not only will your workspace’s appearance start to visibly deteriorate, you are also likely to notice that the carpet will begin to rip from places.

How to Tell Your Carpet Needs Cleaning

Usually, it should be very apparent that your carpet needs to be cleaned. Even if you go a couple of days without vacuuming your carpet, you are likely to see dust collecting on it. However, if you have been ignorant in the past, then it is likely that your carpet has started to rip from some parts, or has a lot of spots and stains all over. These spots usually form when the carpet has been neglected for quite some time, and can be very difficult to get rid of. A neglected carpet will also have items sticking to it, such as chewing gum, or other nasty things.

How Can I Clean My Carpet?


The most common method of cleaning carpets is vacuuming. Vacuuming is great for carpets and should be done regularly to ensure that dust and dirt does not stick or gets accumulated into the carpet. It is also important that you avoid using traditional vacuums, because they don’t always get the dust and dirt out, depending on the material of your carpet.

Washing the Carpet

You can also wash your carpet and scrub it, but that depends on the material of the carpet. Some carpets might go bad because of water contact. It is not easy to wash a carpet on your own because you will need a lot of time and patience. Thus, hiring someone to do the job for you can work in your advantage.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet cleaning services are the best option especially if you do not have enough time to do so yourself. Companies that offer exceptional carpet cleaning services always ensure that the process is carried out by a team of professionals who take the necessary steps that cleaning a carpet requires.

We Offer Carpet Cleaning Services!

Our team at Extra Hands Services Inc. is professionally trained and specialized in carpet cleaning methods. We have never failed our customers, and we always make it a point to take the necessary steps to clean your carpets and make them look brand new, before you even know it! To get your carpets cleaned and make them look as good as new, contact us at 816-396-6234 or email us. You can also visit our website.

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