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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Floor Planning and Efficiency

Form follows functions, especially for business facility designs and layouts. Frank Lloyd was correct when he said the two should be in a union to create impactful spaces.

Entrepreneurs and business managers should prioritize floor plan efficiency when setting up a new office space. Your workplace environment and setting can significantly impact your productivity, safety, and well-being.

A recent survey by IPSOS also reveals that employee engagement and satisfaction depend on their office’s environment and hygiene standards. And that’s why we’ve curated this blog.

Let’s talk about how you can set up a well-planned office floor layout for maximum workplace productivity.

Opt for an Open Floor Plan

In the age of modern, sleek, and minimalist workplaces, you should also focus on creating a simpler, less cluttered office floor layout. Invest in light-colored office upholstery and carpets with neutral walls and floors.

Open workplace floors improve employee engagement, boost communication flow, and above all, are easier to maintain and clean.

Hire a Commercial Janitorial Staff

Regardless of your workplace’s size and design, you should invest in a professional janitorial team for routine maintenance and office cleanliness. Observe and spot high-traffic areas that require more frequent cleaning.

Cleaning tools and a trolley inside a warehouse

Your janitorial staff should focus on cleaning dust hotspots like window desks and corner shelves. At EHS, you can rely on our commercial janitors, who are well-versed and trained in efficient, fast, and advanced office floor cleaning techniques. We can vacuum, scrub, polish, and mop your office floors without compromising their shine and visual appeal.

Prioritize Rendering Technologies

Startup owners or entrepreneurs are often too excited to kick-start their physical business operations. In this process, they forget the importance of efficient office floor plans and designs. We strongly recommend you have an office design rendered before approving it.

Measure your space, create open and airy rooms, and focus on improving employee interaction by minimizing walls and obstacles. Place the desks closely and omit walled cabins and silos. Add fresh indoor plants and ergonomic office furniture as the perfect cherry on top!

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