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The Differences Between Deep Cleaning and Standard Cleaning

A janitor cleaning floor


When it comes to cleaning, you have two options: deep cleaning or standard cleaning. Both are necessary for a healthy home, but they differ in their level of focus and intensity. Deep cleaning is more involved than routine cleaning. It includes carpet cleaning, hardwood floor buffing, window washing, and even drywall repair/replacing. The primary goal of deep cleaning is to make your home look uniform and fresh throughout.

If you’re looking for professional help, reach out to Extra Hands Services, INC. This blog will outline the differences between deep cleaning and standard cleaning:

1. Deep Cleaning:

Deep cleaning is a form of cleaning that gets to the root of problems. It’s done by removing stains and dirt from every layer of the house, from the carpets to the kitchen countertops. It is an intense scrubbing of your home, including the hard-to-reach places, that you might not get to regularly. It takes more time, but it can help improve your home’s overall health and appearance.

Deep cleaning is often done by professional commercial cleaners. Deep cleaning requires hours of hard work, but it pays off in the end. A house that’s been deep cleaned will be cleaner for a longer period.

2. Standard Cleaning:

Standard cleaning is the most basic service that a cleaning company provides. It involves the removal of all trash, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wiping down surfaces, emptying trash bins, and sweeping floors. Often the “standard” cleaning also includes cleaning of bathroom/laundry areas when they need maintenance.

Basic cleaning of house or office may be done in the following manner:

  1. Sweep or Vacuum Flooring:

You can use a broom, electric broom, or vacuum cleaner for this task. This will help you remove any dust particles, hair, pet hair, etc., from the flooring surface. It will also help you to clean dust and hair from cracks between floorboards.

  1. Wash Walls Outside and Inside Your House or Office:

Use detergent-based liquid cleaner for this task to avoid repainting walls later on because of built-in dirt and grime.

Which One Is Better?

Deep cleaning is better than standard cleaning. It is a term used to describe a certain type of cleaning that goes way beyond what you would normally think of as cleaning. This type of cleaning is also referred to as ‘cleaning from the inside out.’

To begin with, deep cleaning requires more time and effort than standard cleaning. You need to be ready for this as it will require different tools, and you will have to spend more time on certain areas of your home or office. Deep cleaning is also more intense than regular cleaning and is very thorough.

A janitor cleaning the floor

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