1. Winter Is Coming: Preparing Commercial Carpets for the Cold

    With winters just around the corner, are you doing enough to keep your commercial carpets clean? Unlike spring and other seasons, winters often invite more foot traffic due to the end of the year. Since the end of the year is usually the time to discuss the plans and proposal for the next year it isn’t uncommon that many clients come visiting the premises. Thus, increased foot traffic! So, how c…Read More

  2. Worried About Spills After A Christmas Party In The Office? We Have Got You Covered!

    Merrier times are just around the corner. With Christmas around, many offices are busy organizing a holiday-themed party for all the employees and staff members. Talking of parties, there is going to be some spillage and if you have your office floors carpeted, it makes sense if you are worried about them getting stained. Carpet stains can be hard to clean after – especially in the office. Unlik…Read More

  3. Why your office carpet should remain clean

    A new carpet can make even the dullest office space vibrant and inviting. However, since office carpets get more foot traffic than residential ones, their upkeep needs to be regular as well. A vacuum job will do nothing but clear debris on top of the fibers. A professional carpet cleaning service will go in deeper and make it spotless inside and out. If that wasn’t enough to convince you to have…Read More