1. Schedule Your Kansas City Commercial Carpet Cleaning This Spring

    Now that spring is nearly here and the weather is turning warmer, your business should experience more customer foot traffic. For owners and managers, keeping your building clean should be at the top of the priority list. You want people coming through your door to feel that you care enough about your business to take care of the building in which it's located. Extra Hands Services offers Kansas …Read More

  2. Increased Square Footage? We Provide Commercial Janitorial Services in Kansas City

    As a business, your goal is to grow and to stand out in your specific industry. If you've recently expanded your building's footprint or moved into a bigger space in order to accommodate the growth of your company, one of the first things you most likely thought about was how to maintain the increased square footage. With expanded space often comes an expanded budget, since you intend to fill that…Read More

  3. Avoid Having to Replace Your Floors

    As a business owner, one of your goals is to maintain the appearance of your building, and one area that may receive extra attention are the floors. The floors will be seen by every customer that visits you, and dirty or damaged floors can detract from their experience. Over time, as more dirt and debris reaches your floors, areas may need to be replaced and those replacements can be costly. At Ex…Read More

  4. Keep Your Office Furniture Fresh with Our Upholstery Cleaning in Kansas City

    If your office hosts several customers throughout the week, your chairs and sofas experience quite a bit of use. Without proper care, office furniture can begin to look worn and tired much sooner than it should. At Extra Hands Services, we offer experienced commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning in Kansas City, keeping your furniture fresh for all the customers and visitors that you see each we…Read More

  5. Your Warehouse Floor Needs to Be Clean and Organized

    Your warehouse or distribution center is a high-traffic area and without organization and orderliness, finding specific inventory would be a time-consuming hassle. Everything has its indicated spot and traffic lanes for forklifts and pallet trucks are clearly marked on the floor, so when it comes time to move something, employees know exactly where they're going. If the floor was to become comprom…Read More

  6. Our Janitorial Providers Are Rigorously Vetted

    When you let someone into your business, you trust that they are going to be courteous and respectful in regards to you and your property. You want to feel safe inside the walls of your company, and you deserve to feel that your building is safe, even after hours. When you hire a janitorial company to regularly clean your business, you do so with the trust that things will be exactly how you left …Read More