1. Create a Safer Work Environment with Commercial Janitorial Services

    Keeping your business clean with commercial janitorial services isn’t just about keeping up appearances. Hiring janitorial services is also for the safety of your staff. Having a clean work environment can be a proponent of safety. An office with a high population has the potential as a breeding ground for germs. Getting it cleaned often will help reduce the number of germs and keep the breeding…Read More

  2. Call Extra Hands Services for the Best Commercial Floor Cleaning in Kansas City

    First impressions are everything in business. When you have a clean floor and entry space for your business, it tells your prospective partners, clients, employees and visitors you care. Having a clean area is an easy accomplishment when you hire a great janitorial services for commercial properties. Cleaning commercial spaces isn’t for every cleaning company. The job takes a certain attention t…Read More

  3. Ensure Safety And OSHA Compliance With Professional Cleaning Services

    While engaged in the day-to-day workings of your enterprise, it’s easy to forget one of the most important responsibilities you have as a business owner: OSHA compliance and safety. Ignoring or neglecting to ensure compliance can be devastating mistake. Obviously, every business owner wants to do their best to ensure the safety of their employees.  However, when it comes to janitorial issues, m…Read More

  4. Call for Commercial Janitorial Services Kansas City

    If you're in charge of planning your company's annual holiday party, you've probably thought of the theme, the decorations, and what food you'll serve. If there's limited space in your office building to host a party, it's important that it's clean and ready for the party. At Extra Hands Services, we offer commercial janitorial services in Kansas City that will have your office looking bright an…Read More

  5. What to Expect from Commercial Janitorial Services

    You may think that a janitorial service should be there to clean, but there is so much more to establishing a successful relationship with each business than that. When it comes to commercial janitorial services, Kansas City should rely on a company that can guarantee the following qualities: Professionalism. Perhaps one of the most obvious yet often forgotten, you want a commercial janitor to a…Read More

  6. Commercial Janitorial Services Kansas City Trusts

    For a company that needs to run at high efficiency with unrivaled cleanliness, it's time to make the switch to the commercial janitorial services Kansas City trusts. By catering to the companies who need high end janitorial services, we have dedicated ourselves to consistency and quality of cleaning, which means a smoother, spotless workplace that will improve employee productivity and customer …Read More

  7. Professional and Award Winning Commercial Janitorial Services in Kansas City

    You work in a fast-paced, efficient, and highly competitive field which requires professional cleanliness and sterility.  Whether that be the medical, manufacturing, or distribution industry, you need commercial janitorial services in Kansas City that are just as efficient, timely, and professional as your business is. Especially in the medical field, where the health of patients is on the li…Read More