1. CLEANING: It Seems Intuitive, but Just in Case!

    Our Mothers always told us the importance of cleanliness, but not everyone thinks of those conversations when it comes to the work place. And in fact, it actually gets a little more complicated when you are responsible for the health of others. While most business owners do understand the importance of keeping a clean environment for their employees and customers, we wanted to just take a "blog m…Read More

  2. 3 Benefits of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    High-traffic areas can get dirty quickly, especially when the weather is nasty. Getting it professionally cleaned on a regular basis will help, but there are also other benefits of commercial carpet cleaning that will help give the best impression when people come through your business. The Benefit of a Fresh Smelling Office: While the floor isn’t the first thing people look at, it does add to t…Read More

  3. Three Reasons to Hire Commercial Janitorial Services for your Kansas City Business

    Clean goes beyond not having clutter, dirt and dust when it comes to a commercial space. It helps more than with the appearance of a business. It keeps people in work. It is a proven fact that having a clean work environment helps to keep the employees at work instead of at home sick. Surfaces around the workplace are a prime place for germs to spread, but dust and dirt can contribute to the sprea…Read More

  4. 3 Additional Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Carpet Cleaning at your Commercial Property

    In a previous blog, we addressed benefits of commercial carpet cleaners for your business by saying your office will smell much better, cleaning will extend the life of the carpet and it will be a clean that will last. However, there are more benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company to come in and clean the carpets in your business’s building. Here are three additional benefits.…Read More

  5. Call Extra Hands Services for the Best Commercial Floor Cleaning in Kansas City

    First impressions are everything in business. When you have a clean floor and entry space for your business, it tells your prospective partners, clients, employees and visitors you care. Having a clean area is an easy accomplishment when you hire a great janitorial services for commercial properties. Cleaning commercial spaces isn’t for every cleaning company. The job takes a certain attention t…Read More

  6. Cleaning Right For Asset Protection And Longevity

    Imagine that a tree in your yard is on fire. In the frenzy of putting it out, you grab the closest container of liquid that you have, and throw its contents on the flames. Instead of dampening the flames, you've made them bigger. Looking down, you realize that the closest container you happened to grab was a gas can. When cleaning, just as when you put out a fire, you have access to some resources…Read More

  7. Janitorial Service is an Important Part of a Growing Business

    When a customer enters your business, it is important that they feel comfortable and welcomed. The morale of your employees can also hinge on how comfortable they feel at work. Investors or potential partners also need to feel confident in your business. This can be defined by how comfortable they feel when in your place of business. A clean and orderly business can promote this comfort and confid…Read More

  8. Increased Square Footage? We Provide Commercial Janitorial Services in Kansas City

    As a business, your goal is to grow and to stand out in your specific industry. If you've recently expanded your building's footprint or moved into a bigger space in order to accommodate the growth of your company, one of the first things you most likely thought about was how to maintain the increased square footage. With expanded space often comes an expanded budget, since you intend to fill that…Read More