1. Don’t Let Cold & Flu Season Dampen Your Workplace Productivity

    Illness costs businesses thousands of dollars every year. Sick employees miss work or worse yet, come to work and spread germs and illness around the office. Proper and routine cleaning and disinfecting is the best way to remove and kill dangerous germs, but there are some extra precautions the office occupants can take.  Following just a few simple tips can help prevent the spread of germs and …Read More

  2. Create a Safer Work Environment with Commercial Janitorial Services

    Keeping your business clean with commercial janitorial services isn’t just about keeping up appearances. Hiring janitorial services is also for the safety of your staff. Having a clean work environment can be a proponent of safety. An office with a high population has the potential as a breeding ground for germs. Getting it cleaned often will help reduce the number of germs and keep the breeding…Read More

  3. Improving Indoor Air Quality In The Workplace

    There is a reason outdoor air has always been referred to as "fresh air." Despite the pollutants and allergens that are often lurking outdoors, the air inside your home, office, or school could be worse for you. Poor indoor air quality is a leading cause of asthma and breathing complications, eye irritation, congestion, and dry coughs. Indoor air can be polluted by various chemicals, lead, radon…Read More