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Surface Clean Vs. Deep Clean: Your Guide To Carpet Cleaning

A vacuum cleaner with a suction attachment on a red carpet

Carpets at the office take a lot of abuse from shoes, coffee spills, and inks stains. But it adds to the overall ambiance and theme of the office design. Frequent vacuuming and periodic cleaning can extend the life of any carpet and rug.

It’s important to schedule bi-annual carpet cleaning with a local commercial cleaning service for a deep clean. Because the carpet acts like a giant air filter, it collects the dirt and grime that can wear down the carpet fabrics. Therefore, weekly cleanings can be scheduled for high traffic areas like the lobby or near the breakroom with a janitorial cleaning service.

Here’s all you need to know to decide between getting surface cleaning or deep cleaning for your office:

Pair of sneakers and a yellow vacuum on the black carpet

Vacuuming And Spot Cleaning: Surface Cleaning

Vacuuming is the most effective method of getting dirt out of the carpet. It removes approximately 85% of the debris and dirt embedded in the fibers. Most cleaning services design programs that follow patterns of high traffic areas in a room. They increase cleaning frequency based on that patterns.

Therefore, regular vacuuming can make your carpet look great, extend its life, and keep your floors clean. Spot cleaning is an effective method of addressing stains and cleaning them as soon as possible. Most professional cleaners keep a close eye on spots and address them immediately with cleaning tools and techniques. That way, you can avoid embarrassing unsightly spots in your lobby carpet.

Cleaning Carpet Soil

Carpet soil cleaning, or pile lifting,  refers to combing the pile, lifting it, and separating it so the vacuuming and cleaning can be more effective. Specialized pile lifter machines can also accomplish this step in commercial cleaning. This process can remove 10% of the carpet soil and removes 95% of all impurities and dirt from the surface of the carpet by using wet cleaning methods or any chemicals

Hot Water Extraction And Bonnet Cleaning: Deep Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning and hot water extraction ensure that both top and bottom of the carpet are meticulously cleaned. The bonnet cleaning method uses a low-moisture surface cleaning process, and then hot water is extracted from the bottom of the carpet.

grey carpet laid out on office floor

Now that you are aware of surface and deep cleaning methods for carpets, you can decide which commercial cleaning you should go for. Get in touch with us Extra Hands Services, INC; we provide quality carpet cleaning services, warehouse cleaning services, manufacturing cleaning services, floor cleaning services, and medical cleaning services as well. Call us now to schedule a cleaning and get more information on our janitorial cleaning services.

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