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Schedule Your Kansas City Commercial Carpet Cleaning This Spring

Now that spring is nearly here and the weather is turning warmer, your business should experience more customer foot traffic. For owners and managers, keeping your building clean should be at the top of the priority list. You want people coming through your door to feel that you care enough about your business to take care of the building in which it’s located. Extra Hands Services offers Kansas City commercial carpet cleaning that will make your floors fresh and bright this season.

We can design a carpet cleaning plan that works best for your business, including vacuuming, pile lifting, spot cleaning, and deep extraction services. We can provide one or all of these services, depending on your carpet’s needs. If it’s determined that your carpets need a deep clean, we’ll employ both bonnet cleaning and hot water extraction. The bonnet cleaning focuses on the face fibers of your carpet, cleansing the top of your floors, and the hot water extraction permeates to the bottom layer, removing soil and dirt that have become trapped there. If your high traffic areas need more attention, we’ll take the time to make sure that they’re properly cleaned.

We can also set up a regular cleaning schedule, so that dirt and debris don’t overtake your carpets. With routine vacuuming and maintenance, your floors can look great for a long time, and as foot traffic increases this spring, you won’t have to worry about negative effects on your carpet. When you need Kansas City commercial carpet cleaning, call on Extra Hands for exceptional service.

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