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Proven Methods to Extend the Life of Your Carpets

Carpeting a commercial facility can be expensive, so it is critical for businesses to maintain their carpeting to ensure it lasts a good amount of time. It can be challenging for commercial facilities to keep their carpeting clean due to the high amount of foot traffic on the carpets throughout the week.

However, with a few carpet maintenance tips from carpet cleaning Kansas City experts, you can maintain the appeal of your carpets and extend their life.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

The following carpet maintenance tips will allow you to keep your carpets in pristine condition and extend the life of the carpeting around your commercial facility.

Don’t Skip Vacuuming

Vacuuming the carpets in commercial buildings and offices regularly will help keep them clean and looking brand new. If you skip vacuuming for even one day, the carpets may become extremely dirty and ruin the aesthetic appeal of your entire facility.

If skipping vacuuming becomes routine, your carpets’ condition will degrade quickly. This is why it is vital for carpets in business establishments with high foot traffic to be cleaned regularly to maintain a prolonged life.

Gray Colored Carpeted Flooring in an Office

Add Mats to High-Traffic Areas

Mats can serve as protective shields for carpets, especially if you place them in high-traffic areas within a commercial facility. Adding rugs to high-traffic areas like the front of the entrance or reception is a great way to shield the carpet beneath from getting damaged or dirty quickly.

Replacing rugs can be much cheaper than carpeting. Therefore, doing so will help you reduce expenses by minimizing the need for carpet replacements.

Keep an Eye Out For Stains and Food Spills

The problem with stains or food spills is that the longer you leave them unattended, the more challenging it is to remove them. Keeping an eye on the carpeting of business facilities for stains or spills will help keep the carpets from looking old and dirty. Treating each stain with appropriate carpet cleaning products is the best way to remove it with minimal effort.

Add Blinds to Sunny Spots

Many people are unaware of this, but the UV rays from the sun can significantly damage your carpet and cause its color to fade. Additionally, prolonged sun exposure can significantly minimize the life of your carpets by baking the carpet’s fibers, causing them to get brittle and decompose quickly.

By adding blinds to sunny spots in your commercial facility, you will be able to preserve the color of your carpets for longer and protect them from sun damage.

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners

Even though the following tips can help you prolong the life of the carpets in a commercial setting, the best way to boost the life of your carpets is to leave it to the professionals to clean their jobs.

If your commercial facility is in Kansas City, we recommend checking out Extra Hands Services, INC. Our professionals have years of experience in carpet cleaning in Kansas City, and they will help you keep the carpets in your facility looking brand new at all times.

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