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Professional and Award Winning Commercial Janitorial Services in Kansas City

You work in a fast-paced, efficient, and highly competitive field which requires professional cleanliness and sterility.  Whether that be the medical, manufacturing, or distribution industry, you need commercial janitorial services in Kansas City that are just as efficient, timely, and professional as your business is.

Especially in the medical field, where the health of patients is on the line if your cleaning service fails to provide the very best. In hospitals, doctor’s offices, surgical centers, and other medical companies, true and efficient cleanliness is not only necessary, it is imperative for everything to run smoothly and for patients to be well looked after. We understand this urgency, and that’s why we take it into our hands to provide you with Extra Hands, which are not only experienced, professional, and efficient, but are award-winning and enthusiastic about helping you.

We have been tested and proven worthy for cleaning Kansas City. Each industry is unique and requires different times, services, and frequency, and with our intimate knowledge of medical, manufacturing, and distribution centers, we are dedicated to serving your specific business not only to your satisfaction, but beyond your expectations.

Contact us today to request a proposal and see how we can serve you with the same award-winning services Kansas City loves, tailored to fit your specific needs. Once you have made the switch to a better, cleaner business, you won’t ever want to let us go.


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