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Perform Restorative Hot Water Extraction on Your Commercial Carpets

Some people believe that carpet cleaning is only the process of removing the dirt. However, it is simply not sufficient to simply keep the carpets clean by vacuuming. Restorative hot water extraction is important even if you have been cautious enough to keep your office carpets clean through regular vacuuming.

This is due to the fact that along with dirt, pollen and mites also find their way inside the carpets where they continue to thrive.

Such allergens cannot be removed by simple vacuuming and hot water extraction becomes necessary to make your carpets hygienic again. Furthermore, if you have been careless with preventive commercial carpet cleaning, then the most viable way to get them cleaned is by performing restorative cleaning through hot water extractions. Let’s explore how hot water extraction restores carpets in commercial venues.

Performing Hot Water Extraction

There is a misconception that hot water extraction damages the carpets. On the contrary, this method of carpet cleaning rinses the suspended soil and allergens from the carpet, leaving your floor covering restored. In fact, this method also prevents the fiber of the carpets from shrinking. Hot water extraction is recommended by carpet manufacturers; however, it should only be carried out by trained technicians.

Firstly, the loose dirt is extracted through vacuuming. It is always better to eliminate dry dirt than to suspend it before cleaning. Hot water extraction may or may not make use of cleaning agents. If they are used then cleaning agents designed specifically for this method are used. Eco-friendly agent is sprayed or sprinkled across the commercial carpets. Special care should be taken in the selection of the carpet cleaning agents depending upon the material of fabrication. The process of agitation is the next step, which is used to brush the pre-conditioners to penetrate within the suspended soils. Let the pre-conditioner to remain on the carpets for some time. Typically, it should be left for twenty minutes but this depends on the material of the carpet and the cleaning agent. However, you must ascertain that the agent is not allowed to dry before the application of hot water.

Next hot water is and alkaline cleaning agents are propelled at high pressure on the commercial carpets, which loosens the pre-conditioner, soil, grime, and dirt.

A highly powerful vacuum cleaner is then used to rotate over the carpets. The motion of the commercial vacuum cleaner is able to remove the dirt, stains, and allergens. Special care is taken to make sure that no residue is left behind. However, since extreme precision is required, hot water extraction should be done by expert technicians.

Extra Hands Service is a commercial carpet cleaning company and we have state-of-the-art equipment to perform carpet cleaning through hot water extraction. We know the importance of carpet maintenance for your business. Clean commercial environments exude a long-lasting impression of your business on your guests and employees alike. Call us at 816-396-6234 to find out more about our services.

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