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Our Janitorial Providers Are Rigorously Vetted

When you let someone into your business, you trust that they are going to be courteous and respectful in regards to you and your property. You want to feel safe inside the walls of your company, and you deserve to feel that your building is safe, even after hours. When you hire a janitorial company to regularly clean your business, you do so with the trust that things will be exactly how you left them when you arrive the next day. If you’ve had a negative experience with janitors or maintenance personnel, let Extra Hands Services change that with our commercial janitorial services in Kansas City.

Every member of our janitorial team is rigorously vetted and undergoes a background check before they are allowed to work for us and clean our clients’ properties. We have a management system that oversees every team that serves the Kansas City area, and we’re continually trying to get better through client reviews and feedback from both satisfied and dissatisfied business owners. If there’s something that needs to change, we’ll handle it as quickly as we can. We take quality control very seriously and if there is a problem, we will fix it, but we always try to avoid those issues by¬†scrupulously interviewing each of our applicants.

If you’re looking for a new janitorial team, contact Extra Hands Services today. We will treat your building and property with respect, making sure everything is in its proper place and put back into the correct configuration before you open for business the next day. Call us today at 816-496-6234 for commercial janitorial services in Kansas City.

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