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Our Green Cleans Just Might Lower Your Insurance Premium

With the increasing concerns about rising global warming, more and more businesses are adopting efficient and eco-friendly solutions to reduce their overall carbon footprint. The US government has also incentivized eco-conscious commercial entities with lower insurance premiums and subsidies.

A recent Fortune article guest-edited by Bill Gates, Blueprint for Climate Breakthrough, revealed that green insurance premiums could be a great way to improve business sustainability. It can reduce business costs and help you gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

So as a startup owner, how can you leverage these unique, low insurance premium benefits? By hiring a green cleaning services provider!

Green Cleans—An Overview

A study reports that over 70,000 types of toxic chemical compounds have been invented and used in creating cleaning products in the last fifty years. These chemicals have made their way into our daily lives without us noticing their harmful effects.

Unfortunately, most of these products carry a huge risk of exposing us to fatal diseases and environmental damage. But the good news is, you don’t have to use them anymore. Extra Hands Services brings you a green cleaning solution for your commercial facility. We use Green Seal-certified products that are environmentally safe, toxin-free, and highly effective.


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The Relationship Between Green Cleans and Financial Benefits for Businesses

Here’s how adopting eco-friendly commercial solutions can improve your business’s financial health:

  • Green-cleaning practices are worth every penny as they allow businesses to seek tax and insurance benefitsfrom the government;
  • The government offers tax benefits for firms that invest in alternative energy solutions;
  • Qualified recycling and eco-friendly facility cleaning entitles businesses to bonus depreciation grants;
  • The SBAoffers easy financial solutions to businesses that adopt and support green technologies such as Green Seal-certified cleaning services;
  • An efficient and green cleaning services provider can mark your business’s eco-friendliness reputation and may also improve customer retention and acquisition rates. Neilsonreports that modern-day customers prefer organizations that are eco-friendlier and more conscious about environmental safety.

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Extra Hands Services is an IICRC-certified commercial cleaning company in Kansas. We specialize in commercial floor, carpet, and upholstery cleaning services. You can also hire our competent janitorial staff that’s available 24/7 for your business facility.

And the best part is that we use Green Seal-certified cleaning products that can help you cut down business insurance premiums! Talk to us for more details or to schedule a service now.

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