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Medical Cleaning: What You Need To Know

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Cleaning, essentially, has two key functions. First, to make a space look spic and span while making it smell pleasant and fresh. It might seem vain, but appearances are important when you think about it, especially when it comes to any commercial space or business.

The second function of cleaning primarily involves maintaining sanitization. Sometimes, surfaces and objects look clean and shiny, but they might be infected with germs, bacteria, and more in reality.

However, medical cleaning is a type of cleaning that requires every square inch to be properly cleaned and disinfected without any exceptions. Apart from giving visitors peace of mind and a positive impression, optimal cleaning also helps keep a facility’s staff and patients safe from many illnesses and viruses.

Commercial Cleaning VS Medical Cleaning: Is There A Difference?

The phrase ‘clean’ has a diverse meaning in different industries. For example, commercial cleaning in offices, schools, or banks involves dealing with debris, dirt, spillages, or grease, whereas at hospital facilities, it requires dealing with bodily fluids and various dangerous pathogens, which are challenging to clean and hazardous for health.

Whether it’s commercial or medical cleaning, the most important thing to remember is that thorough janitorial cleaning is crucial to prevent the spread of illnesses. The only difference is medical cleaning involves following stringent regulations, especially with isolation units or intensive care, as the patients’ admitted might already have weakened immune systems.

Medical Cleaning Checklist Touchpoints

Deep cleaning with cloth and disinfectant

Cleaning removes surface debris accumulations, but disinfecting kills germs. To ensure every centimeter of the exam room in a medical facility is cleaned and disinfected precisely regularly, here are some EPA-approved guidelines that might help you.

  • Ensure that the front, top, and all sides of the bed’s mattress, headboard, footboard, frame, and side rails are sterilized.
  • High-touch areas, such as phones, tabletops, drawers, bathroom sink, cabinet and door handles, armchairs, doors, light switches, faucets, TV and air conditioner remote, IV stand, and other miscellaneous items should be disinfected regularly.
  • Janitorial service should thoroughly clean ceilings, walls, and bathrooms while all patient care equipment needs to be sterilized carefully, especially reusable ones.
  • Apart from ensuring exam rooms are sterile, medical facilities should also strive for welcoming entryways and sparkling waiting rooms with deep-cleaned carpets and glistening floors, and other surfaces.

If you’re the owner or in charge of a hospital or medical facility, professionals at Extra Hands Services can provide basic one-day janitorial service or round-the-clock full-suit medical and commercial cleaning services in Kansas City.

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