Helping to Maintain Immaculate Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing companies across the country must comply with strict certification standards if they are to achieve their operational objectives in the long-term. Therefore, they require the assistance of cleaning specialists such as the team here at EHS to ensure that all ISO Certification standards are adhered to within their manufacturing operations.

Strict Quality Control Systems for Seamless Cleanroom Areas

Food packaging manufacturing and ISO-certified cleanrooms at industry firms must be regulated by professionals who understand the threat that contamination poses. We offer stringent clean room maintenance protocols that allow companies to protect their brand integrity and improve the quality of product they deliver to their customers.

When manufacturing organizations select the services of EHS, they benefit from:

Expert-Driven Assessments

We work directly with manufacturing firms to evaluate their cleaning requirements. The customized solutions we design align with the client’s current working procedures. Trained in accordance with governmental regulatory standards, our team has the ability to exceed the set standards and ensure strict compliance.

24/7 Customer Service Availability

Our services are designed to provide clients with measurable, tangible results. We present each of our clients with 24/7 customer services to ensure that they have expert advice when they need it most.

Fast Response Expertise

We have developed a streamlined communication system for our cleaning staff to put expert cleaners at our clients’ disposal efficiently. This ensures our manufacturing clients achieve peace-of-mind in knowing they can contact EHS when they have fast-turnaround cleaning requirements.

Cleaning Solutions Designed for Today’s Manufacturing Leaders…

Achieving high level sanitation in manufacturing areas has never been easier. Select EHS for your company’s in-house requirements and see why thousands of firms across Kansas City have made the organization their long-term partner.