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Make a Stellar First Impression on Potential Clients with These Tips

a businessman

Got clients coming over soon, and you wish to make a great first impression on them? We’ve got just the tips you need.

Dress Nicely

Of course, we don’t want to be the dress police here, but the psychology is clear: how you dress has a massive impact on the people you meet. Your clothes, says Forbes, say something about you. In fact, Business Insider goes as far as to say that your dressing has an impact on how successful you are.

Looking the part is important. Make sure that you and all your associates are looking your best on the big day.


 a business meeting

If you’re going to have clients over from a different organization or a different city, you want to tell them things without actually telling them anything. You want to, in other words, imply. And one of the things you want to imply is that you’re a serious businessperson. You want to give off the idea that your passion for business is unmatched and perfect for their organization.

One way you can effectively do this is by being punctual. Have everything ready before time. Have all the staff ready and waiting as the client’s car pulls up. They’ll be impressed by how dedicated you are.

Crack a Joke

You know like, a good one. Don’t—if the client tells you they’re late—tell them, “Hi late, I’m John.” We’d like to advise you to stay away from dad jokes because those can be a little underwhelming for some people. But generally speaking, people feel more comfortable and at ease with you, if you joke around—appropriately, of course. In fact, people will like you instantly if you make them laugh.

A Clean Office

Appearances do matter. Everyone who says “oh, but looks are secondary” is lying. Because they aren’t. People will judge you and your workplace for how it all looks. If it looks shabby and untended, people aren’t going to like it. And you might go off on a tangent and say that you don’t care what people say—but clients are also people. And, you know, you need (these) people for business. And you need business for money. And you need money for. . . you know, practically everything.

First impressions matter. Your office, should it look scrubby, threadbare, and tattered, is not going to make a good impression at all. The clients will think that you aren’t sincere about cleaning and upgrading your office space—which does not belie a good work ethic.

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