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Maintaining Health and Safety in Industrial Settings

Mental and physical well-being of the employees is necessary to promote an optimistic and productive workplace environment. Health and safety in industrial settings shouldn’t be perceived as a complicated task. Here are some of the ways you can maintain health and safety at your workplace:

Prevent Slips and Falls

Non-fatal injuries like trips and falls are one of the major cause of number of absent days. Therefore, special consideration must be given to preventing slips. This can be done by complying with the OSHA requirements —keep your workplace orderly and in a good sanitary condition. Make sure the floors are dry and there is a stringent plan to deal with the spillages immediately.

Provide Facilities to the Employees

To maintain health and safety in industrial settings, you should provide the basic welfare facilities. Hand sinks with soaps or hand wash, toilet paper, hand dryers should be present. Washrooms should be kept clean. Clean drinking water must be supplied. Proper places to eat in a hygienic environment should be provided. Storage rooms to keep the outfits – if special protective clothing must be worn –  should be present. To ascertain the employees do not face health problems the following must be provided:

  • Fresh air and ventilation
  • The temperature must be bearable in closed room environments
  • Lighting should be adequate
  • Dustbins and clean workplace

Maintain Floors and Machinery

The floors, tools, and machines must be well-maintained. The traffic areas should be free of obstacles. A skid-free floor must be installed. All the surfaces should be kept clean.  Inspection of the machines and the tools must be done periodically to make sure that the employees are safe when handling them.

Create Risk Assessments and Control Them

The management must assess the risks in the industrial settings and then take measures to overcome them. All the things that might cause harm to the assets and the employees should be listed down. A good way to that is to walk around your facility and note down the hazardous substances and then note down the level of risks. Proper guidelines should be followed when the employees are working at height, electrical equipment, and harsh chemicals.

Be Prepared to Tackle Accidents

In certain situations, you may not be able to vanquish the accident. Therefore, for these circumstances, you should be ready to handle and minimize the damage. At the very minimum, your workplace should have the following:

  • A first-aid box
  • A person trained to deliver first aid treatment
  • Information guideline books distribute amongst the employees pertaining to dealing with accidents if they cannot be avoided

Workplace health and safety is extremely crucial. It is the basic right of the people who interact with your industry daily. At Extra Hands Services, Inc., we realize the significance of health and safety in industrial settings. Therefore, we provide a range of customizable high-end janitorial and cleaning services to various industries. You may call us at 816-994-8825 and talked to our experienced commercial cleaning expert to meet the industrial cleaning standards.

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