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Keep Your Office Furniture Fresh with Our Upholstery Cleaning in Kansas City

If your office hosts several customers throughout the week, your chairs and sofas experience quite a bit of use. Without proper care, office furniture can begin to look worn and tired much sooner than it should. At Extra Hands Services, we offer experienced commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning in Kansas City, keeping your furniture fresh for all the customers and visitors that you see each week. Trying to clean the furniture yourself can take up valuable time, and if you use the wrong type of cleaner, can damage or ruin your chairs and sofas.

The lobby or waiting room of your office is where clients receive their first impression of your business. Extra Hands can clean this area weekly, and we’ll use the proper mix of water- and solvent-based cleaners to properly treat and clean your furniture. Cleanliness is especially important in the medical field, so if your clinic or surgery center has several people sitting in the waiting room each day, we can make sure that no bacteria or germs get left behind on your chairs and couches. Any type of fabric can be a host for bacteria, so we’ll design the appropriate cleaning protocol for your lobby. We can also provide protectant for your office furniture, making it last for many years of customer or patient use.

If you’re in need of commercial carpet or upholstery cleaning in Kansas City, contact Extra Hands Services today. We know how active your office can be throughout the week, so we’ll schedule a cleaning time that works for you and your employees.

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