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Keep Your Gym Floor Clean This Winter

Now that winter isn’t too far off, people will have more time on their hands to visit the gym and get in shape. Some may prefer to exercise outside, but most will choose to finally use that gym membership. If you run a local gym in Kansas City, you know how important (and mandatory) it is to keep your exercise and weightlifting equipment clean. You ask every member to thoroughly wipe off the machines and weights when they’re done, but how clean do you think the equipment actually is? And what about the floor, with countless shoes walking across it each day, some carrying the remnants of snow, salt and sand? At Extra Hands Services, our commercial floor cleaning can take care of your gym floor this winter.

Most gym owners take the precaution of placing thick mats on their floors, protecting the floor surface against dropped weights and shoe scuffs. However, sweat and body oils, not to mention debris and lint from clothing, still find their way to the mats, and regular cleaning is the only way to maintain the integrity and stability of the mats. When left unchecked and uncleaned, the mats can become scratched and provide less protection for your floors. Sweeping regularly will keep the mats clean, and having a professional service such as Extra Hands come in and use a neutral pH cleaner and disinfectant will protect the longevity of the mats. Occasionally cleaning under the mats is also important, and we can provide that service as well.

If you need commercial floor cleaning for your Kansas City gym, contact Extra Hands today and we’ll make sure that your customers have a clean and safe place to work out.

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