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Keep Venue Floors and Furniture Looking Brand New

When you host a number of banquets, weddings, reunions, or other gatherings throughout the year, your floors and upholstery certainly take a beating. Spring is usually the time of year when business picks up and more events are held in your venue, but there are often spilled drinks, dropped food, and countless shoes tracking dirt and other substances that can make your floors and furniture look plain filthy. At Extra Hands Services in Kansas City, we understand how difficult it is to maintain a regular cleaning schedule. Although, with a new event every weekend, it is imperative to keep your space looking bright and new.

Chances are you already have reservations scheduled through September, and constantly arranging upcoming events and adding more to the calendar can make it hard to find time to keep your event area looking prime. With Extra Hands cleaning services, we can take care of any major issues and perform regular maintenance on your carpets, hard floors, and furniture.
Owning and operating a place where families and friends can hold events or get-togethers can be very exciting, especially when you can help them celebrate important milestones in their lives such as a birthday, new marriage, or anniversary. If your venue is booked solid for the next few months, take the time to call Extra Hands Services and we can arrange exceptional cleaning services in Kansas City that work around your scheduled events in order to get your place looking polished before the parties arrive.

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