Commercial Day & Night Cleaning for Spotless Workspaces

Dependable janitorial services are an essential element within the modern working environment. All team members require a clean space in which to work and help their organization achieve its business objectives. Many organizations consult with Kansas City janitorial cleaning providers to ensure their cleaning requirements are met with qualified expertise.

The janitorial services available through Extra Hands Services (EHS) are designed to set the industry standard. Here’s how we excel in the industry:

Safety and Dependability

Our janitorial and cleaning services providers have each undergone rigorous background checks to ensure their competence and reliability. EHS’s exemplary work teams are supported by a comprehensive management system. Through this system, we continually quantify the results of our work based on client reviews, in-house achievement measurements, and high-level reporting on quality control procedures.

Use of Environmentally-Friendly Products

The cleaning solutions we use are among the most environmentally-friendly products available within the field. Where possible, we use products that are green seal certified. We want to keep your workspace as safe as possible and by eliminating harmful cleaning chemicals, we can promote a healthier company.

Comprehensive Management System

Our Kansas City janitorial services support high-quality environments across medical facilities, industrial buildings, business offices, and many other types of commercial buildings. Contact our team today to start building a commercial janitorial services package that’s uniquely designed to meet your organization’s cleaning requirements.