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Infection Prevention in the Workplace: Top Tips

Ever since the pandemic hit, there has been a rising need for infection prevention in the workplace. Infection prevention is critical across all sectors of industries. However, it becomes even more critical for healthcare workers since, according to statistics, approximately 1 of every 31 hospitalized patients in the US has an HAI.

One can conduct effective infection prevention by hiring janitorial services and following a few basic workplace disinfection tips. Let’s further a few benefits of hiring janitorial services along with some infection prevention tips from the experts in commercial deep cleaning services in Kansas City.

Benefits of Hiring Janitorial Services

Here are a few benefits of hiring commercial janitorial services for your workplace to help you understand ‘why hire commercial janitorial services.’

Save Time

Keeping a commercial facility clean can take a lot of your time and effort from you and your workers. By hiring janitorial services, you and your workers can save a significant takeout of time that would have otherwise gone into cleaning and use that time to focus on your tasks.

A Woman Cleaning a Window with Glass Cleaner

Safeguard the Health of Your Workforce

By hiring commercial janitorial services, you will be able to maintain a germ-free office environment and safeguard the health of your workers. Moreover, doing so will also allow you to reduce the number of sick leaves your workforce takes since they will be less likely to get sick.

Leave a Positive Impression on Your Clients

Since a janitorial services job is to keep a workplace looking its best at all times, your office will look clean and put together, which can leave a positive impression on your clients.

When clients notice how much attention you pay to hygiene in the workplace, they are more likely to seek services from you, especially if you run a healthcare business.

Infection Prevention Tips In the Workplace

Here are a few infection prevention tips that can help minimize the likelihood of infection spreading in your workplace.

  • Spread awareness among workers and help workers understand how they can prevent themselves from catching infection by following simple measures like handwashing throughout the day
  • Place sanitizers and facemasks throughout your workplace
  • Offer appropriate personal protective equipment to all your workforce
  • Ensure all workers are following safe working procedures to minimize the risk of infection exposure
  • Designate small areas for handwashing throughout your facility
  • Create and implement infection control protocols and practices and encourage workers to follow them
  • Communicate to workers the importance of maintaining hygiene in the workplace

Leave It to the Professionals

Although you can make your workplace a safe and infection-free zone by following the workplace infection prevention tips discussed above, the best way to minimize the spread of infection in your workplace is to designate this responsibility to professionals.

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