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Increased Square Footage? We Provide Commercial Janitorial Services in Kansas City

As a business, your goal is to grow and to stand out in your specific industry. If you’ve recently expanded your building’s footprint or moved into a bigger space in order to accommodate the growth of your company, one of the first things you most likely thought about was how to maintain the increased square footage. With expanded space often comes an expanded budget, since you intend to fill that space with employees or equipment, and at Extra Hands Services, we know that a portion of that budget will be put towards commercial janitorial services in Kansas City.

Windows and floors require regular cleaning, and if you’re experiencing increased foot traffic in your new building due to higher customer demand or an expanded workforce, those windows and floors will experience more use and be exposed to more dirt than ever before. Neglecting regular maintenance and cleaning will show through very quickly and could negatively impact your business. While it may be tempting to allocate a smaller portion of your new budget to janitorial, it makes sense to find quality and economical cleaning services, and Extra Hands will design a cleaning package that fits both your needs and your budget.

Extra Hands uses only environmentally-friendly cleaning products and will utilize green seal certified products whenever possible. We clean more than windows and floors, and will focus on whatever areas you think need the most attention, or we’ll clean the entire building at a time that works for you and your employees. If your business is growing and expanding, Extra Hands can help keep it clean with our commercial janitorial services in Kansas City.

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