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How We Can Prevent Accidents In The Workplace

Effective commercial cleaning means more than just keeping your workplace shiny and dust-free. Business spaces must have a routine maintenance and upkeep crew that can improve workers’ safety and prevent unfortunate injuries and accidents.

High safety standards can be quite conducive to productivity and employee satisfaction. They prevent workplace injuries and disease transmission. You should hire a professional janitorial staff and commercial cleaning team to improve your facility’s hygiene standards and safety. Here’s how EHS can help you:

Prevent Trip and Fall Accidents with Floor Cleaning Services

Falls and tripping hazards are leading causes of workplace accidents. You must ensure a clean, tidy, and dry floor to stem this risk and protect your employees. Distribution centers and warehouse managers should pay special attention to floor cleaning services. Untrained floor cleaning workers, however, may use the wrong cleaning supplies and make your floors greasier. This is where we step in.

Extra Hands Services implement advanced floor cleaning techniques with attention to detail to ensure your workplace’s safety. Our crew can eliminate grease, dust, and grime using green seal-certified products for maximum effectiveness.

A worker recovering from a workplace injury

Ward Off Fire Risks

Piled-up trash and hazardous cleaning supplies can lead to workplace fire incidents. Commercial workplaces may need a professional janitorial staff that proactively removes trash and combustible piles.

At EHS, our trained commercial cleaning and janitorial staff properly store and use cleaning liquids. We use safe cleaning products that prevent workplace contamination and fire hazards. Our crew focuses on keeping emergency exits, passageways, and high-traffic areas clean and obstruction-free

Minimize Dust

Dust is one of the most common causes of respiratory illnesses among workers.

Open-air work sites and commercial manufacturing/distribution/production facilities need advanced cleaning services to minimize and control dust exposure. Dust also plays a role in fueling fire accidents. More than 0.8mm of dust covering 5% of your facility’s surface area can pose a serious fire accident risk.

Extra Hands Services offers quality dust removal, carpet cleaning, and upholstery cleaning services in Kansas. We use commercial-grade vacuums and floor cleaning equipment for seamless and effective facility cleaning.

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Reduce employee injuries, germ transfers, and employee turnover by keeping your business facility clean and tidy. Extra Hands Services is a Kansas-based commercial cleaning company offering professional janitorial staff, carpet cleaning, and floor cleaning services.

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