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How to Prevent Contamination at Your Food Distribution Center

Food distribution centers improve the health conditions of thousands of people daily by facilitating their access to food. But, the same centers pose a deadly risk to consumers. Contamination at food distribution centers is a health hazard. They can also lead to the suspension of your center by the federal government.

You need to meet all the food distribution compliance to ensure smooth operations. Extra Hands offer the best distribution cleaning and warehouse cleaning services. Kansas City businesses can contact us for more details.

Today, we will discuss different ways to prevent contamination at your food distribution center.

Properly Trained Staff

People who understand sanitation protocols can maintain healthy food storage environments much better than those without proper knowledge. Your staff has to maintain personal hygiene and learn about cleaning conventions. From protective masks and gloves to regular hand-washing, the personnel touching goods daily must be trained to prevent and mitigate food contamination.

Routine Cleaning

It might seem obvious, but multiple layers of cleaning are required here. You need to have a proper sanitation process within your distribution center. This process includes maintaining proper washing facilities, cleaning the area, and managing waste.

You can benefit greatly from hiring professional floor cleaning or distribution center cleaning services to maintain the overall cleanliness of the distribution center.

Maintaining Equipment, Plants, and Rampways

Your food distribution relies heavily on ramps and carts to move products around. The sanitation of cards and ramps is vital to ensure no contamination seeps through. This includes the general area as well as temperature-controlled places and freezers.

You also need to clean your freezer every month. Extra Hands Services offers professional warehouse cleaning services and food distribution center cleaning services. We clean food processing plants, HVAC systems, and contact surfaces.

Cover Full Ground

It’s easy to miss out on deep cleaning in parts of the facility. These can be high-touch areas or entry points such as doors and windows. The grounds surrounding the facility also need to be clean.

You must administer effective pest and rodent infestation control mechanisms, so the center is safe. In addition to cleaning carts, make a separate space for vehicles entering the facility. Check for damaged or decaying roofs, rusty ledges, and water leakages.

Dispose of Your Waste Properly

Place sealed dumpsters and canisters further away from the storage facility in the distribution center. Do not place trash or trashcans near the entry and exit points.

Food waste, bio-waste, and production waste require particular handling. So, for swift waste management, call in commercial cleaning services. Kansas City businesses cannot afford the downtime. So, it’s best to call in the professionals for the job.

Handle Products With Care

This factor is perhaps the most important one to consider. Segregate products and identify their food grade and requirements. Keep raw products separate from canned products. Also, set damaged, rejected, and expired products aside.

Clean carts thoroughly after product spills. Extra Hands Services uses food-space chemicals and supplies to ensure no contaminants leach from our cleaning services.

If you are keeping cleaning supplies in your facility, you can make a distinction between supplies and equipment used to clean food-contact and non-food-contact surfaces,

Extra Hands Services provides excellent distribution, floor, commercial, and warehouse cleaning services. Kansas City businesses can reach out to us on our website for more information.

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